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Things in a ceramics studio

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

A ceramics studio is hardly the cleanest place you will ever visit, there's always dust everywhere, bits of clay and the floor always needs hoovering!

Being a ceramicist has literally turned me into a hoarder, I keep everything 'just in case'!

Here's a few select bits n bobs from around the studio.


Plaster moulds

Plaster moulds are used to help you create your ceramic pieces, you can use them to get an exact shape e.g. a bowl or you can build within them for support. I've got a big range from small to large in all shapes and sizes, I just wish I had room for more!


I have an abundance of tools including specialist ceramic tools, paintbrushes, pens, knifes, scrapers, hammers, pliers and even an electric screwdriver and dremel!

Cleaning is key to not ruining everything you touch in the studio! I have a huge stash of sponges in different sizes and shapes, including a whole bunch just for when I use oxides as they literally stain everything forever!

Katherine Fortnum Ceramics - studio safety equipment

Safety is very important in my studio, you may not think it but there's lots of dangers that you perhaps wouldn't think of.

Clay dust is very hazardous and can cause respiratory issues and so can any special ceramic materials so protecting myself with gloves, apron, mask and googles are essential.

I'm extremely clumsy so plasters are always there just in case!

You can never have enough boards and aprons to go around!

Wheels are a fab piece of equipment which help when working with clay, they help make modelling easier and give you a better scope of your pieces.

Whether its a ceramic studio or a painters work room a sketchbook will be hiding somewhere, any good creation always starts off as an idea, a sketch to get you started.

Storage of materials, at Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

I work with some dangerous materials in the studio and they need safely storing away from any little hands or any furry visitors that may enter the studio, not just that but safe away for everyone else too!

Safely keep away from the elements (my studio can get very hot and very cold time of year dependant) I keep my materials...

glazes, slips, dry ceramic materials, plaster and so many more.

Thanks for reading and do feel free to share :)

If you'd like to learn more about ceramics and the processes involved book onto one of my workshops and explore the exciting world of clay!

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