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Commission A Bespoke Unique Sculpture


Last year Chris commissioned me to create a large sculptural piece for his wife Margaret for Christmas. The lovely couple had been to one of my bespoke workshops, and had previously purchased a green man sculpture that I created.

Chris and I discussed his ideas and what he wanted from the piece, and I came up with a sketch and plan of how I was going to create this bespoke sculpture.

It was around 16 inches wide so quite a challenge in size, and was designed to be wall hung. I created each individual leaf and sculpted them one by one, to decorate I applied countless glazes and colourants that picked up the delicate leaf veins and details.

Glazed White Stoneware

Swipe to see various angles, and a few photos of the piece at bisque stage, the colouring is totally different to how it transformed during the glaze firing, to create a glossy piece with depth of colour and tone.

If you’re after a special bespoke piece get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you'd like to design a commission made sculpture get in touch

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