About Katherine

I found my love for ceramics while studying the Art Foundation

course at De Montfort University (Leicester, England); we had

inductions into some of the craft workshops, ceramics included.

I really enjoyed working with clay, the making was so much fun,

so many different options to explore and experiment with. 

The most exciting moment for me was collecting my piece from the

kiln, not knowing what it was going to turn out like; the magical

moment when you see the finished piece in all its glory, that’s

what sold it to me in an instant. 

...although I have always been addicted to everything art &

crafts since I was a little girl, from the day I could hold

a pencil I have been drawing and creating ever since; it’s

always been my passion!

Following the Art Foundation course, I completed my Design

Crafts degree, specialising in ceramics; graduating with a

2:1 with honours. As well as my love for ceramics, during my

degree I supported others with making and offering advice; it

felt wonderful being able to help and teach others so I set

up my own Ceramics Workshop.

I create unique nature inspired ceramic sculptures, I have

also began creating functional ceramic pieces, exploring with

hand building and glazing processes which I never had a

chance to explore during my Degree.

I am delighted to say that I have been chosen as a finalist for the 'Stelios Awards for Disabled Entrepreneurs in the UK 2017'!

This video was created for the Stelios awards.

I was asked questions about my business and my story so far, it tells you a little bit more about me and my business Katherine Fortnum Ceramics.

To find out more about the whirlwind adventure and the exciting events,read my blog posts all about it. (Oct/Nov 2017)

Functional Ceramics

Explore a world of unique hand built ceramics inspired by inspired by structures in nature and a range of functional ceramics;

including a variety of home wares, jewellery and sculptures!


To see more visit the

Ceramics Gallery

or to purchase ceramics please visit

my online shop.


Sculptural Ceramics

Natural Series, hand built stoneware, 2013, Katherine Fortnum, photograph by Nigel Essex
*To view the'Natural Series' collection click the image
Natural Series Collection, handbuilt stoneware, 2013, Katherine Fortnum

Natural Forms

I am inspired by structures in nature and particularly delicate natural forms. I have developed my current body of work through playful experimentation, pushing the limits of the fragility of the clay qualities within the forms through the ceramic process. The pieces have been created using a range of hand building techniques, exploring details on both large and small scale. 


Interesting qualities emerged as I began using smaller elements creating complex structures which were much more delicate. Each unique piece is extremely challenging and time consuming to make as every element is individually constructed.


A selection of publications about my handmade Ceramics and Ceramics workshops.


Including a feature in the well renowned 'Craft & Design Magazine',which represents the contemporary design-led UK craft industry and showcases great British Craft and Design.

'Looking Ahead' Craft & Design magazine
July/August 2013


Here's a sneaky peak into my sketchbook.


I record everything from photos Ive taken, pictures collected and its rammed full of sketches and ideas for new ceramic work and work in progress.


Would you like something handmade just for you?


I undertake a commissions, whether it is a gift for a loved one, something to match your home decor, a personalised sign for your new shop; or a piece of ceramic art for a waiting room. I can create unique custom designs to suit your needs. 


Please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

Commissioned Hedgehog,
Hand built White Stoneware,
2015, Katherine Fortnum,
photograph by Katherine Fortnum