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New unique ceramics #4 July 2018

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

I often get asked about how I go about creating my ceramic pieces and I'm loving that I have this monthly blog for you to get an insight.

Filled with everything from showing a look into the way I create my ceramic pieces, new pieces in progress, glaze research, various processes in the task of creating ceramic pieces there's lots to see. I'll show you different things each month, mainly because I never do the same thing very often!

If you've got any questions or would just like to comment and have a chat please do leave a comment :)


As part of my new work I'm experimenting with how I create my ceramic pieces.

In this photo I am creating a plaster mould... for what I cannot say just yet.

There's also a big puddle of plaster, for what? you ask, I never throw away unwanted plaster its a waste, creating plaster bats have loads of uses in my studio from drying out wet clay to creating even more different moulds.

Plaster moulds are a big part of how I create my ceramic pieces, either for use creating bowls or to use them as formers when I'm building sculptural pieces. I have quite the collection growing!


A sneaky peak for some new pieces in progress...


Check out some of my ceramic pieces in my online shop :)

Katherine x

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