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Ceramics Behind The Scenes

Lots of new coasters coming out of the kiln among lots of other handmade ceramic goodies! Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be notifying you on here when they get listed in my online shop!

I’ve been glazing frantically for the past week as I’ve got so many things I want to get finished, photographed, and listed in my online shop including this one of a kind mug

I’ll be filling up my shop soon with new goodies coming daily so that you can shop for special gifts ready in time for Christmas

To browse my handmade ceramics visit my shop

Lots of pieces coming out of the kiln this week which means I’ve got a lot of photographing to do, today’s job is photo editing ...definitely not a process I enjoy as I’m more hands on than stuck on a computer but it’s a necessary evil!

Beauty straight out of the kiln


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