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My Studio Is A Covid Free Safe Space 💜

With the worry over the corona virus still looming over us I just wanted to let my customers know that my studio is a safe space 💜

The advice is to avoid crowded high traffic places such as pubs, my studio has a low visitor rate and the workshops are taught in low numbers, therefore minimal risk of anything. It is a small studio based at my home, it is not a public space. You’re safe to attend workshops here 💜

I follow strict guidelines set out by the government to keep you and I safe including -

- The studio will be disinfected before your arrival and after you leave. - The use of hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the premises. - We will be in close contact so I will be wearing a visor. - It is compulsory for you to wear a mask. - I will still provide aprons, but please do not worry, they will be washed before and after you use them. Of course you can bring your own should you wish. - The toilet will not be used by anyone other than you and your group. Before and after you leave it will be cleaned and disinfected.


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