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Christmas Gift Ideas

Ive spent lockdown creating lots of new handmade ceramics to fill up my shop so you can purchase some unique Christmas gifts that you wont find anywhere else.

Colour splash intricate bowl new to my shop!

The interior is adorned with hand created patterns that cover the entire surface; I created them using small handheld tools. It is has a smooth unglazed icy bright white special clay that shines quite translucent on the outside. The interior I’ve decorated in contrast with splashes of vibrant colours, each created using one of my own unique handmade glaze recipes.

I’ve been asked SO many times to make black earrings and here they are! These matte black ceramic earrings have a shine to the surface, they are sterling silver push back studs.

This is the first of many black styles I’m adding to my shop over the next few days, coming will be different sizes and finishes, small, large, glossy, shiny, matte so keep your eyes peeled!

I’ve only got a few so don’t miss out, last time I made black earrings they were gone in a day!

Wavy frogspawn bowl, large

The bowls interior and exterior has been brushed with a deep brown colour, the purposeful swooping markings to reflect the natural waves of the bowl. I have then individually applied small dots of varying sizes and colours over the interior, to me they resemble frogspawn. If you run your fingers over the surface you can feel the slightly raised dots under your finger tips.


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