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A bit about Katherine

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I’m Katherine, I’m 28, born and raised in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK. I own and run Katherine Fortnum Ceramics; every part of the business is all done by me from the website, social media posts, emails, newsletters, designing, making, creating and running my online shop, teaching the workshops, running my open studios and everything in between!

I found my love for ceramics while studying the Art Foundation course at De Montfort University (Leicester, England); we had inductions into some of the craft workshops, ceramics included. I really enjoyed working with clay, the making was so much fun, so many different options to explore and experiment with.

The most exciting moment for me was collecting my piece from the kiln, not knowing what it was going to turn out like; the magical moment when you see the finished piece in all its glory, that’s what sold it to me in an instant.

...although I have always been addicted to everything art & crafts since I was a little girl, from the day I could hold a pencil I have been drawing and creating ever since; it’s always been my passion!

Following the Art Foundation course, I completed my Design Crafts degree at De Montfort University (Leicester, England), specialising in ceramics; graduating with a 2:1 with honours. As well as my love for ceramics, during my degree I supported others with making and offering advice; it felt wonderful being able to help and teach others so I set up my own Ceramics Workshop.

Prior to my higher education journey and setting up my business, I had a difficult time in my life. I became extremely ill during my A-levels, I was in hospital fighting for my life for 7 months, following that, at home recovering for a further 7 and many more years getting my life back.

I had to fight hard and will my body and mind to get through my education to fulfil my dream of going to university, and I continue now to work hard and keep my dream business running every day.

I work from my home studio in Market Harborough; this is where I run my courses and workshops from and where I create all of my handmade ceramics.

Katherine Fortnum Ceramics was brought to life through hard work, determination and a love for what I do. I strive to continue teaching my wonderful customers, passing on my knowledge and watch your skills develop, put smiles on your faces and to continue creating my ceramics and sending them off to loving new homes.

Here’s to many more years full of creativity!

If you'd like to learn more about ceramics and the processes involved book onto one of my workshops and explore the exciting world of clay!

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