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Bowl of Shapes Group Workshop 06-2017

Group workshops are always so much fun and have a great lively atmosphere with everyone bouncing ideas off of each other. In June I taught attendees how to create their own unique bowl using a series of shapes. The results were fantastic, everyone did such a wonderful job and as always every persons bowl came out totally unique even though they had the same starting point.

My next group workshop is to create your very own Trinket Box!

In this workshop you will create a trinket box; hand built, designed and decorated by you. You will be shown a variety of decoration methods to help your creative juices flow and create your own unique design. Create a trinket box to store your jewellery, keepsakes, whatever you wish and enjoy your creation all year round. £55 *All materials & bisque firing included

There's only 6 places available so get in touch to book your place!


*Last group workshop of the year!

Hanging Christmas tree decoration, get in touch to book your place! 6 places available

2 hour workshop £30 *all materials & bisque firing included

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