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New Unique Ceramics

I was finally able to get on with making in February, I was so happy!

Even though its my job, when I create ceramics I get so much pleasure out of it and as you have probable seen everywhere(!) being creative is so good for your mental health too, it definitely puts a a smile on my face! :)

I feel like I'm making progress so far this year. It's all in preparation for 2019's upcoming exhibitions!


I started experimenting with a new type of clay at the end of last month and I'm still trying to figure how I can get the most out of the media.

It's very tricky and I think it will take a lot of getting used to and experimenting... so perhaps new shiny pieces in this clay may not be coming for a while!

These are my 'I'm getting there' photos.

Close up, experimenting with natural textures in new type of clay, 2019, Katherine Fortnum Ceramics


As part of my new ideas, I want to play with different shapes for my sculptures so mould making has been in progress and I'm happy to say I think I'm there... possibly. I've finally got the large size I wanted but that's only part 1 of the 2 moulds I need.

Plaster mould making new forms 2019, Katherine Fortnum Ceramics


Now I've got at least the first half of my mould I can start creating some new large sculptural pieces.

This piece is part of a commission I have taken, its still in progress and there's a fair bit to do before it's finished at greenware stage. (greenware is unfired clay, it still hasn't been turned into ceramic.)

New hump mould is great! Its just a shame it took a month of experiments to get it right and about £150 worth of plaster that's now all in the bin!


I hope you're enjoying seeing my ceramics each month, every day at Katherine Fortnum Ceramics a new day brings new things to work on, its not always making but each month there's something new to see!

Katherine :)

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