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New Unique Ceramics July 2019

Ceramic Stud sterling silver earrings, mint green frizz, white stoneware by Katherine Fortnum

My handmade ceramic sterling silver earrings are quite popular, they're my best seller. I love making them in a huge variety of colours and finishes to suit everyone's style.

This is particular is one of my favourite of my handmade glazes that adorns my earrings, they're like iris's.

I've recently made a few pairs so if you want some get there quick before they're gone! I've sent them worldwide but this pair went to Buryport, UK.


This month I've been doing a lot of glaze experiments so I can choose a glaze selection to adorn a large sculptural piece that's in progress ready for an exhibition I'm doing throughout September. All the tests are different colours although you wouldn't think so by looking at the photo, its amazing how the colours totally transform in a firing.

In the video I am removing a resist barrier of latex. It’s so stretchy I have to be careful not to flick the glaze dust in my face!

Glazing always = long day + completely messy studio = a very tired Katherine!


While I'm patiently waiting for my new large kiln to be installed I had to succumb and fire my old small kiln to get my lovely customers workshop pieces fired for them.

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