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New Unique Ceramics August 2019

There's been lots of creativity in the studio lately including making new pieces, slip tests and glaze tests, new clays and new colours. Check it out!


I thought I’d film myself adding some detail to a new vase I made. In my ceramics I like to work on small scale adding intricacies throughout my designs. This vase is made in a special black clay that I’m currently experimenting with, the texture isn’t what I’m used to but I can’t wait to get some gorgeous blue floating glaze on the black clay! 💙


Top = before firing | Bottom = after firing This photo is showing the before and after colour transformation of clays first firing turning clay into ceramic. 3 different clay bodies, 3 different clay colours both before and after


I absolutely ❤️❤️❤️ the results of my fabulous bronze gold glaze on red clay! 😍


Packaging up the bisque kiln with 4 different types of clays, no idea what colour they will turn exciting!

The day I set the kiln to fire was absolutely boiling, I think it was our last day of summer here in the UK haha! Definitely a bit hot to fire the kiln but oh well! 🔥


Colour tests for different materials on different clay types! Lots of testing going on at the mo, we shall see how they turn out 🤞🏻


After about literally 50 different colour tests for a very specific shade of blue for a commission I finally got the right shade, horah!

The first image is just the first batch of colour tests, I did 4 more pots after that, the perfect blue is the middle tile from the 3 blue tiles, these were my last tests so thankfully the kiln gods worked in my favour!


New glaze combo that I created, I’m super pleased with the results!!! 😄

I’ve been doing a lot of glaze tests at the moment and this little beauty came out of the kiln the other day ❤️ I say it a lot but glazing really is one of my favourite parts of ceramics, shop brought will simply just not do... handmade glazes to adorn the handmade ceramics all the way! ❤

glaze samples, Katherine fortnum ceramics, july 2019

glaze test 1, by Katherine Fortnum

The photos showcase only 2 glazes selected from the tests, this video shows the glaze samples fresh out of the kiln

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