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Ceramic Totem Pole

I decided to take some time to make some pieces for myself, I feel at the minute that I need a bit of time to chill and so I’ve started a project to make a ceramic totem pole for my garden!

It will be a big project as I want it to have at least 8-10 sections.

This is one face that I’ve made a start on, I want stark unreal features like the original wooden carved totems so I’m going to exaggerate contours. I’m still unsure of how I’m going to decorate it in terms of colour, I might see how I go.

Did you know - The totem pole is a unique hand carved monument created by Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast of North America to variously portray family legends and lineage, spirituality, sacred or mythological beings, and culturally important animals, people or events. Carved out of large, straight-trunked red cedar trees and painted with vivid colours.

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