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New Unique Ceramics

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I really got stuck in experimenting during June, rather than sticking to stuff I knew I've been testing out new colours and designs, experimenting is one of the most exciting parts of the ceramics process for me so I've been in my element!


A lot of time has been spent creating new colours this months in both slips and glazes. It starts off like making a cake, you have a recipe where you weigh out all of the ingredients into a bowl...

The colours are so vibrant and look edible, I love the visual contrast of the powder on the creamy liquid.

weighing stain, at Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

Once its all been weighed I mix then together this is when they really taker on their colour. Watch the video and tell me what you think.

Which is your favourite colour?

Mines definitely the peacocky blue/green!

Once the recipes are made up I put them onto test tiles, here's the finished tiles although they've not been fired yet. Once they come out of the kiln they may well be totally different colours!

Slip test tiles by Katherine Fortnum


I had more glaze testing to do on my new clay bodies, I'm working on a sculptural piece for my exhibitions in September and October with the Harborough Artists Cluster in Market Harborough Leicestershire. I've got the pieces made but I need to experiment with the colour before I even think about applying the glaze!


Christmas has came early to Katherine Fortnum Ceramics!

christmas decorations in progress, by Katherine Fortnum

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