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Health Update

Day 3 in hospital… and yes, again! third time in less than a year. This time I have a brand new unrelated thing! Please bear with me with any emails or anything you’re waiting a reply for, I’ll reply once I’m home and feeling better. Thanks for everyone’s patience

Katherine x

…what do you think to my snazzy hospital socks!

Health update - I am now home and taking it easy. I was treated but am still getting better.

Whilst being treated in hospital by pure fluke the clever medical team discovered something else wrong. I have been referred to the surgical team, hopefully the operation will come around quickly!

I will be back teaching on Wednesday this week, and in the meantime I’m slowly starting to replying to all your enquiries from the past week.

Thanks for your patience whilst I’m resting for a couple more days

I’ve been quiet on the socials since coming out of hospital (again), I’ve had a lot to contemplate knowing I’m having to have surgery soon. Anyway, I’m still here behind the scenes running workshops and trying to keep things on track.

I’m only message away if you want to get booked in p.s. I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Easter break, hopefully with some cheeky choccy too!

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