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We're Back Open!

Restrictions are easing and that means that I can start running certain workshops again! WOOHOO!

I am SO EXCITED to get teaching again! Teaching you brings me so much joy, and I’ve missed it terribly!

Lockdown has been such a strange time for all of us; the whole world has been affected by this pandemic. It has put a lot of people in incomprehensible situations, left everything up in the air, and left a lot of uncertainty.

Throughout this time I had to stop teaching in all forms to comply with the guidelines to keep everyone safe. I used these past three months to give myself time to step back from my business so I could evaluate, but most importantly I desperately needed a break away from making. Just before lockdown I was getting bogged down with work and it was taking over my life. Now I’ve had a rest I feel much better in myself. I hope this time has given each of you quality time with your loved ones, and that you have taken time to show yourself some care.

I haven’t created a lot of new pieces or had much time for any making whatsoever. I did of course use this time to bisque fire and glaze all of the wonderful workshop creations. A lot have been collected or posted, but I still have lots here waiting for you to collect and put them in your homes.

Even though I should still be shielding, the government have given the go ahead for my workshops to start up again, as long as certain rules are followed. I am not ignoring shielding; I will keep myself and you as safe as I possibly can. I’ve deep cleaned my studio and I will have to be following the strict government guidelines as to who and how many I can teach.

Below are the guidelines that you and I must follow

- For now I can only teach personalised workshops to people who live in the same household only, you cannot come with a friend as guidelines say meetings from 2 households, I count as 1, you count as the 2nd. - The current guidelines are that 6 people can currently meet up, I count as 1, that means you can come in a group up to 5 if you live in the same household. - Workshops can be as long as normal, there is no restriction on the time length - I need information from you that will be kept for up to 3 months after your workshop date – full name, address, phone number(s) mobile and house, and email address for each person attending– this is for Covid track and trace, should it be needed. After the 3 months I will no longer keep your information. - It is compulsory that you wear a facemask from the moment you arrive until you leave. If you turn up without one per person, your workshop cannot go ahead. - Unfortunately I cannot provide you with refreshments, so I highly suggest you bringing 1-2 bottles of liquid with you each, clay even with a mask can be dusty so drinks are highly recommended, especially as it is summer and warm. - I will ask you to use hand sanitizer before entering the premises, I can provide this if you don’t have your own. - We will be in close contact so I will be wearing a visor. - If you or anyone in your household has had a high temperature than do not come to the studio, prevention of the spread of Corona is of the upmost importance. Or if you have come into contact with someone who has covid. - You may not attend a workshop just yet if you live in a lockdown area. - I will still provide aprons, but please do not worry, they will be washed before and after you use them. Of course you can bring your own should you wish. - We will head straight to the studio; I will only bring you into my house if you need the toilet. The toilet will not be used by anyone other than you and your group. Before and after you leave it will be cleaned and disinfected. - The studio will be disinfected before your arrival.

I’m will announce who I can accept with every change of the governments rules. I will keep you updated as to when I can accept visitors from other households together for smaller bespoke workshops, and so hopefully very soon they’ll allow meet ups of 3 households or more.

My group workshops still cannot be rescheduled yet, once guidelines allow I will roll them out.

Extended expiry on gift vouchers brought from me – I extended these for 6 months after lockdown restrictions had been lifted. I am starting workshops as of 20th July 2020. This means that your vouchers are valid from 20th July 2020 – 20th January 2021. Gift vouchers purchased elsewhere will have different expiry dates, do check with the company you purchased them from.

It is very frustrating for all of us, covid is disrupting everything it seems, and we can do nothing but be patient.

I’ll see you soon! xxx

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