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Springtime Open Studio May 2019

Every year in May (and December) I open up my studio to the public so you can come and see where I work, see what a ceramics studio looks like, look at my tools and see my handmade ceramics in person.

This year I had to relocate my open studio last minute as its a home studio and were currently in the midst of an extension, it just happened that the footings were being dug out over the open studio weekend meaning there was no access, and not only that my studio was getting extended too! This meant this year I was in the garage, it was a change but I definitely prefer it in my cosy studio!

The weekend was fab I met so many friendly faces, new and existing faces. I love chatting with all the lovely visitors and answer the inquisitive questions and tell you a bit more about the ceramics process and my work.


The day before my open studio I wanted to start a new sculpture so I could work on it over the weekend. I wanted to show my customers an insight into how I create my piece and show how different pieces look when you're first working on them.

I captured a short video when my doors first opened to show my open studio to you. I'm quite pleased with the layout and how it turned out, the setting was very different to my usual being in my ceramics studio.

It took me so long to set up, it always does, I'm so indecisive of where everything will go.

I laid out some bisqueware ceramics so people could see the various stages my pieces go through, they were certainly a talking point!

This is the piece I was working on a few short minutes at a time throughout my open studio as I had a few minutes between visitors and greeting all the smiling faces!

In this video its nowhere near finished, there's plenty hours of work left yet!

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