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Slowly Slowly Does It

My lovely customers,

I have had notifications that I’ve received messages but I can’t yet reply as I am still in hospital. Please bear with me, I’ll reply when I get back home.



A little update - after spending 4 days in hospital and a week recovering at home I am slowly starting to work again. I’m taking it easy and trying my hardest not to push myself. Thanks for your support and patience whilst for some reason my health keeps glitching! ❤️‍🩹

Please keep supporting my business however you can, no doubt my absence has caused a nosedive in my visibility. So please and share my posts and my page, please comment on my posts, it all helps me be seen by the world! Thank you

And a little note too, my online shop is still here and waiting for you to browse

Etsy shop link can be found in my bio

Katherine x

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