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Evening course weeks 1-4

This September my 8 week ceramics course started. I'm teaching 4 lovely ladies lots of different techniques you can use in clay and helping them create new things each week and also helping them broaden their knowledge and skill base in clay and sculpting.

Each week I teach a new technique to have a go with, so that at the end of the course you have a broad knowledge of lots of different ceramics techniques and end up with a big variety of completely unique makes! 💙

Week one started off with happy introductions and nervous faces but the ladies soon settled in and had a fab time. They all did fantastically and believe it or not this was all their first EVER go with clay (not including primary school)!

Week 2's session was all about coiling!

Week 3 of my 8 week evening course the ladies had a go making a bowl.

Each week the ladies turn up full of enthusiasm, have a lovely time and leave with smiles on their faces. I really do love my job!

Week 4 of my 8 week evening course, bad traffic and unexpected life events meant that I had a cosy class of just 2.

I cant wait for the next 4 weeks and from their comments the ladies cant either! #happyteacher! :)
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