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A month in the life of a ceramicist - August 2019

August has been such a buy month full of lots of time in the studio both from me making and the workshops I've had, even though its been busy I wouldn't change a thing!


Here's couple of workshop pieces that came out of the kiln, its the plaques made in a 2 hour workshop with a couple of friends. :) And below that the bird feeders have finally been fired and they look fab! Its not too late to make yours ready for next years Spring / Summer season!


As part of having my new big kiln I have to prep all of the parts of it ready for firing. In this short video I'm preparing the kiln shelves ready for firing.


This months workshops have been filled with couples on fabulous weekends away together, how lovely!

Meet Richard and Lin who made some smashing bowls!

Brian and Gillian made some wind chimes, I can't wait to see them hung!

Dont forget to check out this months 'New Ceramics blog to see all of the creative things I've been up to and a look at all my months ceramics makes!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share! Katherine :)

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