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A month in the life of a ceramicist #11

January is never filled with much hands on creating and clay filled days in my workshop, that is the fun side of being a ceramicist.

The side people don’t see is the mounds of computer work, website building, emails, social media, organising,marketing, accounting and the rest!

I love my job but boy do I want to get in the studio, my fingers are twitching raring to go!

I've been busy designing this years workshops courses and open studios, there's lots of fun creative things to look forward to in 2019!

Check out my upcoming creative activities here!

Not forgetting the first few planned open studio events and exhibitions here!


I'm planning on creating some new exciting ceramic pieces this year that involve trying new things, creating on a new scale ...will I go small or go large?

I've got ideas for artistic pieces as well as new style home wares.

The new tester pieces of brightly coloured glazes went down so well up towards Christmas I got so many wonderful comments!

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