Gift a ceramics experience

Looking for a gift for someone special? Cant decide what to get them? Why not gift an experience in ceramics!


Gift certificates are available for a ceramic workshop.

Gift certificates can go towards paying part or full payment for a ceramic workshop, letting you choose the amount to gift!


No need to choose a specific workshop, let your someone special choose the workshop right for them. Once purchased the consumer will be responsible for contacting Katherine to confirm a date.

To browse in person visit on one of my open studio days

Take a trip to my online Etsy or Folksy shop where you'll find unique hand built

ceramics inspired by nature, as well as a functional range, perfect for that special gift!

Each shop has unique pieces you won't find anywhere else, don't miss out visit both of our shops to find your special item.

Have fun browsing!

Ceramic sculptures available to purchase

Hand built decorative ceramic sculptures; hand built using a variety of techniques within and onto a press mould, with inspiration for the forms taken from nature. The sculptures are built in stoneware clay. 


Each piece is unique as each clay element is individually hand built; therefore no two sculptures are the same. 


Purchase a ceramic sculpture totally unique to you.


For more information or queries please contact Katherine through the contact page