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Hello everybody!
I have been keeping a constant eye on the guidelines regarding Covid-19. I am afraid I am having to follow the rules closely in order to keep you my local customers and myself safe, meaning that I’ve got to halt all workshops, both group and personal one to ones.
I hope you can understand given the worldwide pandemic that’s happening.
You can still make purchases from my online shops, or from me directly. 
UPDATE Trips to the post office are around once a week, because I am a high risk person of covid19 and I am shielding.
You can still purchase workshop gift vouchers. I will write up a gift voucher and email it over to you to give to the recipient. Any new vouchers brought from me will have a 6 month use by date after restrictions have been lifted.
With regards to workshops -
Please don’t worry, each and every workshop will be postponed and rescheduled, and any gift vouchers brought from me (personally) that run out of validity within the next three months will have an extended use by date, it will be valid for three months after quarantine has been lifted.
*For VED workshops – they have assured me that if you contact them they will extend your voucher warranty.
With regards to rescheduling the group workshops - I won’t even think about possible dates until this is all under control, I wouldn’t waste your time possibly having to reschedule again and again until the restrictions have been lifted. I will contact you to reschedule.
For private bespoke sessions, your workshops will also be rescheduled. I am deeming it pretty safe for you to book in a date with me now for your session from August onwards. I’m hoping that by then all of this will be over! Of course if you have booked a date with me for August and restrictions haven’t been lifted, we will then reschedule again. You will not lose your workshop(s) that you’ve paid for, they will just be postponed.
It is a very worrying time for micro businesses like myself as an epidemic like this could easily cause businesses to be forced to collapse.
Please continue to support my business wherever you can!
Please keep liking and sharing my social media posts.
Thank you all for your continued support through this tough time.
Please keep you and your family safe, and keep well!
Katherine x