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New unique ceramics - Jan 2019

In January not many things get made here at Katherine Fortnum Ceramics!

It's a quiet month when I make a huge order to start the year off, restocking on clay and materials that are running low, as well as loads of computer work, planning the years workshops and organising the year ahead.


Watercolour painting for new ideas, 2019, Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

I've got lots of exciting ideas in my head and my fingers are itching to get them out in physical form.

Sketchbook work, 2019, Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

But before I get my hands on clay I like to get some research done, I spend time looking at gorgeous images and go out and about in nature looking at random textures and patterns I find, it all goes into inspiring my drawings and gets my ideas flowing

Plaster mould making 2019, Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

Once I've got some ideas and sketches are developing I decided that I need a support to build my sculptures in so I have been experimenting with mould making.

...I say experimenting as I have tried 3 different techniques to achieve this particular mould I'd like and none of them have worked!

Experimenting will continue well into February at this rate!


Thanks for reading my blog on what January antics have been going on, sorry there's no new ceramics to show you!

Keep popping back for more each month ...not forgetting that I post new blogs weekly on everything!

See you soon :)

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