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New unique ceramics

I’ve spent lots of time photographing lately, with lots of focus on my handmade ceramic sterling silver earrings. I’m really pleased with the results!

I made a brand new colour earrings to add to my collection and they went down a storm, so much so that I’ve ran out of stock and need to make some more! These lovely really dark glossy black studs.


Last month I wrote about the large and many plaster mould I had been making ready to create some brand new sculptural pieces I had idea for. Well, I finally made the large moulds in the perfect shape and have started work on one new piece.

I’m so excited at the prospect of the things I can do with these new ideas and I’m so pleased with my progress so far.

I can’t show you the whole thing completed as it’s a secret but here’s a sneaky close up snap!

new sculpture in progress, greenware stage, white stoneware, by Katherine Fortnum , March 2019


I love my intricate ranges, from the functional pieces to the purely decorative, my passion is detail and nature and I just love expressing the things I’ve seen and researched within my ceramic pieces. Clay is such a wonderful material and it allows me to replicate the tiny detailing I research and sketch in 3D.

Check out my NEW intricate vase

*coming to my online shop soon!

Intricate series short vase, green, white stoneware, by Katherine Fortnum, 2019


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