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My new ceramics studio!

After I was a finalist in the Stelios awards for disabled entrepreneurs in November 2017 I thought I’d use my generous £10,000 award on building a new brick built studio but I held back as I didn’t want to dive in before I’d thought about it fully, I held off doing anything due to the fact we were (and still are) having an extension built at home so any work to my studio would need to fit around that.

Katherine Fortnum Ceramics workshop 2018

I come to the decision that I didn’t want to demolish my studio, it’s a log lap cabin fully insulated and fitted with electricity and lighting, its perfect for what I need and I can accommodate up to 6 attendees in my workshop, it’s my little slice of solace. So my decision was that I decided I’d extend it instead! I decided on making it a half size bigger, big enough to give me all the space I need!

I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful family who helped me (I say helped, they did everything!) put together my new studio. My dad and brother took apart my old workshop and extended it, putting up the walls, windows and roof.

Then came the insulation and plastering the walls. The next stage was taking out the entire workbench that runs down the length of my workshop. I brought a new work surface as I wanted to really revamp the entire place, Dad fitted it and it looks fab! The place looks clean and spacious.

At the time I was prepping for my springtime open studio weekend so I wasn’t around to be any help in all of this which I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family to help; Mum stepped in and did the painting to make everything all white, lovely and bright.

After it was built and the main furniture was made it was time to bring back in some shelving and at the same time have a bit of a jiggle with it to give the place a new look. The shuffle around was a success and the new big STUDIO (it can’t be called a workshop anymore!) is complete!

I absolutely love it and I couldn’t be happier!

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