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A month in the life of a ceramicist #12

Now we're nearing Spring (or false Spring, as snow is probably inevitable now we want it sunny!) designing, creating and all round creativeness is in full swing!

p.s. can you believe I've been doing my series of monthly blogs for a whole year now!


Sketchbook work, Feb 2019, Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

In January I spent a lot of time on my sketchbook prepping for new ideas...

Now it's Feb and all the admin work has been done to set the year off I can get experimenting!

This is the fun bit!

Looking at my ceramics you can see I love focusing on tiny intricate details and replicating them in clay. These are a few experiments I started with.

Experimenting with natural textures in new type of clay, 2019, Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

The pieces you can see aren't just testing out new ideas, I've actually brought a new type of clay that I've never used before. I want to explore with new styles and finishes to my pieces. The problem is this clay works in a whole mind of its own and reacts differently in every way to my usual types of clay!


Valentines couples ceramics workshop, 17th feb 2019, Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

As it was the day of love on 14th February I had a special offer running on ceramics workshops for the loved up couples who wanted a special experience together.

So many fab things were made from the various workshops. This lovely couple had a go with press moulding creating food and dip bowls.

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